Quality in all we do

Across implements stringent quality standards in all management and operational processes. Our work is performed in accordance with ISO 9000 quality standards and TQM principles.
In addition we have adopted unique process flow control procedures that allow us to achieve supreme quality standards during the whole service life-cycle, including:

Our main services


  • Advance dispatch details coordination with shipper
  • Issuing of export-related documentation and special permits
  • Freight documents and cargo insurance preparation
  • Proper packing and labeling check
  • Shipment routing verification
  • Shipment

  • Control of safe loading and transportation
  • Cargo quantity and quality survey upon receipt and release
  • Delivery schedule control, shipment tracking
  • Seamless transit points passing control
  • Сustoms procedures control
  • Post-shipment

  • Delivery and customs paperwork closing
  • Reporting on “last-mile” services rendered towards consignee
  • Prompt accounts settlement
  • Further optimisation advising
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